As summer is coming to an end you will start to notice the decrease of humidity in your home. Although this may seem like a positive after a very humid summer in Tennessee, having a balanced level of humidity in your home is necessary especially in the upcoming dry winter months. City Heat and Air is here to help with humidifying your East Tennessee homes during the tricky transition from summer to winter.

Having a humidification system installed in your home has several benefits including greatly decreasing your chances of catching a virus or the flu during winter. Moisture in the air makes it more difficult for viruses and bacteria to travel in the air. It also prevents your sinuses from drying out increasing your immunity to illness once you’re outside of your home. Having a humidification system in your home will truly make a difference when it comes to remaining healthy this winter.

Do you have wood furnishings in your home? If so, it is imperative to keep the humidity in your home stabilized to protect your furnishings, doors, and moldings. Dry air will cause wood to crack and split, but having a humidification system installed will help you preserve and maintain the quality of your wood furnishings, and build of your home.

It is true that moisture in the air will make you feel warmer. A humidification system will keep you from raising the temperature and help lower pricey heating bills this winter.

Managing the humidity in your home with a humidification system can also help you manage your health, quality of your home, and expensive heating bills this winter. To talk to one of our professionals today about installing a humidification system in your home click HERE or call 865-938-1005 today!