With 22 days left until the beginning of Summer, you are most likely thinking ahead about how you can keep you and your family cool while saving the most money possible on your air conditioning bill. If you read our blog earlier this year about spring cleaning tips (https://www.cityheatandair.com/finally-shows-heres-spring-checklist-hvac-system/) for your Air Conditioning unit, you’re already aware that having clean air conditioning ducts is essential to an efficient AC System and can drastically increase the life of your home heating and cooling system. If you haven’t already had your air conditioning ducts cleaned by an HVAC technician, we’d like to explain the process.

Reasons to Clean Your Air Conditioning Ducts

Your AC ducts are the passages that your HVAC system uses to deliver cold air and remove warm air from your home. They are the silver conduit in your attic or basement that are part of your AC’s air delivery system. In addition to expanding the lifespan of your HVAC system, cleaning your air conditioning ducts in your home offers several other benefits. Aside from lasting longer, clean ductwork will increase efficiency. Also, the air quality in your home will increase as well, making your air safer for those in your family with allergies to household dust or dander.

Cleaning Your Ductwork

Over time, your air conditioning ducts will collect pet dander, dust, and even construction debris which can build substantially. For this reason, it’s recommended that you have your ducts cleaned at least once per year. You can do a basic cleaning of your air conditioning vents using some paper towels, a screwdriver or hand tool to remove your registers and vents, a long-handled brush or broom small enough to fit into your ductwork, and a vacuum cleaner or shop vac.

The best way to clean your ductwork is to wrap paper towels around your supply registers to keep dust from temporarily blowing into your house. With a long brush in hand, you want to next turn on your fan using your thermostat and knock any visible dust loose. It’s important to keep your old air filter in place to ensure the dust gets trapped there and not into your fan motor, which could be a costly mistake. Next, you can utilize a vacuum cleaner or shop vac to clear your supply registers by using the brush to knock any dust loose and safely vacuum it up.

You’ll also want to clean your air registers by brushing the main vent, and as far back into the register piping as you can reach. Afterward, shut off your fan and clean out the blower compartment and return air boot before replacing your air filter with a new one. Changing out this filter on a regular basis will certainly help in keeping dust and debris getting into your fan or blower motor.

Hire a Knoxville HVAC Company

If cleaning your own ductwork isn’t a possibility, it’s time to bring in the professionals. An HVAC company will usually have vacuum trucks that can be connected to your ductwork and which are vastly more powerful than home vacuums, ensuring that you remove more buildup inside your air conditioning ducts. Hiring a Knoxville HVAC company offers the ability to have your air conditioning ducts professionally cleaned. The experts at City Heat and Air have the benefit of experience with 100s of duct cleaning jobs and state of the art equipment which will leave your ductwork exceptionally clean with minimal effort.