Owning a historic home instills a sense of satisfaction for many homeowners. In Knoxville, TN, we are fortunate to have more than a few districts with older homes. Many of these homes have been restored with updates to the interior as well as exterior. Perhaps, you are the fortunate owner of one of these homes. As you work on renovations and upkeep to your old home, it is important to consider the efficiency of your current heating system. Maybe, you already recognize that it could be time to replace your heating and cooling systems in your older home.

Outdated Equipment

Maintenance alone on an old home can be expensive, as much of the work is custom. When considering updating a heating furnace, it needs to be noted that most furnaces have a lifespan of 15 years. It is costly to heat older homes with older furnaces, as they may only have single-stage blowers, which make it difficult to regulate temperature and can result in high heating bills. If your furnace is a lot older, it may use oil for fuel, which is additionally expensive. Furnaces today run efficiently with two or multiple-stage burners and can regulate temperature, reducing your bills and the carbon footprint.  Older furnaces burn only about 65% of fuel to create heat, whereas today’s furnaces are 80-95% efficient in fuel usage.

Tips for Updating Furnaces

If your furnace is approaching replacement, there are some things to consider for your historic home such as: existing duct work, infrastructure, fuel type, speed options, and historic preservation rules need to all be taken into consideration when updating your furnace. These items can be quickly assessed to determine whether your home is ready for a modern heating system.

Historic Home Restoration Credit

Knoxville is keen on restoration, and the industry is currently on a rise. Tennessee offers tax breaks for home rehabilitation, and many types of homes have benefited from this incentive program. There is also a Federal Tax Initiative for historic homes that are on the National Register of Historic Places or listed as a contributing building within a National Register Historic District. The above website can provide more information on tax break eligibility.

Services Available

If you are ready to replace your furnace, we can design and install your new system as part of your historic renovation, or to update so that your system will run more efficiently. At City Heat and Air, our technicians can provide retrofitting and coil cleaning to older systems. We can also keep you up to date once your new furnace is installed with annual inspections and monthly maintenance contracts. We are ready to assist you with your historic home furnace needs!  An experienced HVAC technician is available by calling at 865-938-1005 or visiting us online in Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding areas.