To help combat high humidity in our customer’s Tennessee homes City Heat and Air are now installing Honeywell TruDRY Dehumidification Systems. This system can be used to eliminate moisture from your entire home or only in problem areas. The TruDry system will help you solve any humidity issues that come along with Tennessee summers while saving you money!

Honeywell TruDRY Dehumidification System can be integrated with your HVAC unit to remove moisture and to improve overall comfort to your entire home or to specific areas as a quiet standalone dehumidifier. This system puts more money in your pocket while also remaining environmentally conscious. Investing in TruDRY will keep you from turning the air down and spending more money because air feels a lot cooler with less moisture. It is also the most energy efficient dehumidification system in the industry with an ENERGY STAR rating and uses environmentally friendly refrigerant. TruDRY requires very little maintenance.

TruDRY is the ultimate dehumidification system for ridding moisture and improving air quality in your home during these hot summer months. To talk to one of our professionals today about installing the Honeywell TruDRY Dehumidification System in your home click HERE or call 865-938-1005 today!