We all love our furry family members and the joy they bring us is immeasurable. However, pets can increase the wear and tear on your HVAC components without extra HVAC maintenance. Because pet hair and dander can affect health, here are additional HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners to keep their home and the air in it healthy and safe.

Upgrade your HVAC Filter

Your HVAC filter helps to prevent the spread of allergens, however, hair and dander from your pets can block the filter which can decrease the airflow and increase your energy consumption. If you have pets in your home, consider purchasing an HVAC filter with a higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). For pets, HVAC professionals suggest a rating of 8 or higher to ensure your system is properly filtering out contaminants from the air. Not only should you upgrade to a higher rated filter, but you’ll need to also check it more often. Pet owners should check their air filters in their heating and air system at least once every 2-3 months.

Check for Exposed Wires

Pets are notorious for chewing on exposed wiring. If you have any HVAC wiring that is exposed, you should contact your local heating and air professional immediately to have them hidden so that your pet isn’t exposed to this hazard. Not only could your pet be electrocuted, but a gnawed wire could cause your entire system to not work.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Pet hair can become trapped in ductwork that contains leaks. Cleaning your ductwork is a smart practice to prevent HVAC problems and will also clean out any hair or dander that has entered the ductwork of your home. Also, ensure that you close any leaks or tears that you notice in the ducts.

Ensure Outside Condenser is Closed

The condenser is the HVAC unit that sits outside of your home. Needless to say, it’s one of the most vital parts of your heating and air system and contains numerous wires and delicate electronics that could be destroyed by a pet or wild animal. Contact your HVAC company if you notice any openings that expose your condenser unit to your pets.

Examine Doggie Door

If your home has a doggie door for your pet to come and go as they please, you are likely losing energy through this small portal. To ensure you are maximizing energy efficiency, check the caulking around the doggie door to make sure there aren’t any gaps for air to leak out from. Additionally, if you have an older pet door, consider purchasing and installing an airtight or energy efficient door. Newer dog doors are slightly more expensive, but will save you money on your heating and cooling bills in the long run.

HVAC and Pets

We can’t live without our pets, even though they can wreak havoc on your air quality and HVAC systems. However, with a little more attention and thorough system checkups, you can keep your home’s heating and cooling system running at optimal levels. Additionally, by having a heating and air professional tune up your HVAC system, it will increase the longevity of your systems. Contact City Heating and Air today to have a certified HVAC technician examine your system and ensure you’re ready for warm weather.