The 2020 holiday season will (hopefully) be unlike any we will ever experience again.

For many of us, we’ll miss hosting or visiting with our friends and family or enjoying many of the holiday traditions we’ve come to love every year.

One thing we may all have in common this year, however, is spending a considerable amount of time at home with our immediate or closest family members. That means your home needs to be as comfortable as possible to help ensure you can still celebrate these most unusual holidays.

This may be one of the most important times of the year to make sure your HVAC is running at peak performance without costing you later with a high utility bill. Nothing can shorten a celebration like a cold or stuffy home. To make the most of the season, here are some simple, easy to implement tips that will make sure you still enjoy the holidays.

Keep your costs low

While many of our favorite events are canceled or altered this year due to the pandemic, that means you’ll be spending more time at home. Which also means more time running your HVAC to keep your house warm.

Don’t get stuck with a giant utility bill in January. Instead, address the areas around your home where you might be losing heat energy. Windows and insulation are areas where air can leak and not make it to the room you want to be warmer. Leaky or disconnected ductwork can also be an area where the air can leak.

Especially with guests, sometimes a room can become too warm and leave people headed for the exits. It’s important to remember that running ovens and stoves can heat a room, so turn down your thermostat while cooking. December weather can also be warm and sunny at times in East Tennessee, so adjust your thermostat especially when it’s sunny outside.

Keep your home safe

We all love holiday decorations, but they can at times create an unsafe situation. Be sure to never cover your thermostat with decorations. On the outside of your home, never decorate your outdoor unit, and be sure the unit is free from debris.

Also, be sure your air filter has been recently changed to prevent airflow issues, high energy costs, and even system failure. This will also improve your indoor air quality during your extended time at home.

Keep your living tree alive

You shopped for hours searching for the perfect Christmas tree, so you’ll want to preserve this decoration that will be so important for your memories for years to come.

Along with purchasing a high-quality tree and providing it with plenty of water, display your tree away from heat sources. This will help prevent it from drying out too quickly and becoming more of a fire hazard. The cooler you can keep the room where the tree is displayed, the longer the tree will last and the safer your holidays will be.

Keep your thermostat at this temperature if traveling

We’ve all had the moment where we’re walking out the door to head out of town and we ask the question, “What temperature should I leave the thermostat?”

It’s a tough question. Too high, and you’ll be paying to heat an empty house. Too low, and a hard cold snap could cause a costly accident like a burst pipe.

Whether or not to travel is a tough decision this holiday season. But if you decide to hit the road for a few days, it’s best to leave your thermostat set between 50 and 60 degrees. That way, you’re not wasting money paying for your home to be warm while there’s no one there while also keeping your pipes from freezing.

However, know that a lower temperature along with a lower natural humidity that comes with winter weather can damage artwork and degrade food faster. Remember to store all perishable foods in a refrigerator or freezer and store sensitive artwork in an attic.

Keep your HVAC system working while away

There are plenty of other ways you can keep your HVAC system working while you’re away so your home will be safe and sound and ready for you when you return.

Like the aforementioned point on the ideal temperature to leave your thermostat when you’re away, it may be tempting to turn off your unit until you return home. However, the problem is air won’t be able to circulate efficiently. This can lead to condensation and ultimately mold and other problems. Your HVAC system may also need more energy to get your home temperature back to normal once you’ve returned.

You’ll also want to make sure all windows and doors are shut and locked completely. With less temperature variation within your home, your system won’t need to work as hard.

HVAC Company in Knoxville, TN

After a grueling year like no other, make sure the holidays are everything they can be. That includes making your home as comfortable as possible with an HVAC system that works exactly the way you need to keep your home cozy while you celebrate the season. With some basic adjustments and strategies, your heating and cooling will be one last thing to worry about.

At City Heat and Air, our annual service plans will keep your HVAC system running at peak performance no matter the season. Whether your heating and cooling system needs routine maintenance or you’re ready for a new HVAC installation, City Heating and Air Conditioning has everything you need for the coming winter months after the holidays that will bring colder weather to our area.

We’re proud to provide Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding communities with exemplary heating and cooling services and have worked hard to build a reputation of outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Our HVAC company offers HVAC maintenance, installation, and repairs for a variety of HVAC systems. Learn more about our HVAC services by calling us today at 865-938-1005.