Pollen, love, and higher temperatures are in the air. With Spring and warm weather in store for Knoxville, it’s only a matter of time when you’ll need to switch from heating to air conditioning to continue keeping your home comfortable. Knoxville HVAC Companies are urging individuals to test their HVAC units now, instead of waiting until you absolutely must have a heating and air technician to respond.

Testing that your AC is working correctly now is quick, painless, and has several advantageous benefits, such as having more options when scheduling your service and avoiding lengthy delays due to high technician demand. Continue reading to learn the other benefits of testing your HVAC Unit early, how to check if your air conditioner is working correctly, and how to schedule a repair or maintenance call with a certified technician.

Benefits of Testing HVAC Units Early 

Other than avoiding the pain of waiting to have your air conditioning unit serviced by busy HVAC technicians at the peak of demand, testing your AC unit early in the year holds several other benefits. Additionally, identifying potential problems with your cooling system early on will allow you to avoid more costly repair bills or emergency call charges later down the road. HVAC Technicians are in high demand and hard for Knoxville HVAC companies to find. Because you’ll also have more options when scheduling your service, you’ll receive faster, more reliable service during the non-peak periods of demand.

Checking Your Air Conditioner

Is my air conditioner working right? Sometimes we assume that everything is fine with our air conditioning unit, only to discover during that our systems are not working optimally. Any reduced efficiency in your heating and air causes unnecessary energy usage and their associated costs. So how does one ensure that their air conditioner is working correctly? The good news is that there is a surefire way to tell if your central air conditioning systems needs professional help.

Before getting started, make sure you change out your air filters if they are more than three months old (1 month if using cheaper air filters). Many problems arise in heating and air systems because of dirty or clogged air filters. Checking and replacing air filters regularly is part of the routine maintenance of your system. Replacing the air filters not only improves the air quality being circulated in your home but also helps reduce overloading your system and causing extensive damage. Furthermore, if your air filter is dirty, you won’t be able to check if your air conditioner is working correctly.

After ensuring you have a new air filter, set your thermostat to a temperature that will engage the air conditioning. Next, check your outside unit, and you’ll see two lines coming out, one small copper line and a larger refrigerant line. Observe the refrigerant line and feel it with your bare hand. A properly running air conditioner’s refrigerant line will “sweat” condensation. If this line is warm or has frost build-up, you most likely have a problem with your AC and should contact a Knoxville HVAC company.

Routine Maintenance for Heating and Air

Even if your central heating and air unit isn’t having problems, professionals suggest that your system inspected, serviced, and cleaned once a year at the least. Instead of worrying each year if your air conditioning will work adequately and manually checking yourself, you can resolve these problems by signing up for a monthly or annual routine maintenance plan with a Knoxville HVAC company. These plans are designed to save you money on utility bills through improved energy efficiency and catch potential issues early.  

Knoxville HVAC companies often offer a discount on repair work and new equipment as part of these maintenance contracts as well. Should you have something go wrong with your air conditioning, these discounts allow the maintenance plan to pay for itself. In fact, the energy savings from having a finely tunes HVAC system are enough to justify the cost of a maintenance plan.

Knoxville HVAC Companies

When it comes to ensuring your air conditioning is working at 100% efficiency have your HVAC system inspected by a certified HVAC technician. Accredited technicians offer a wealth of knowledge and tools to discover potential inefficiencies or danger areas that could become more enormous headaches in the future.

City Heating and Air Conditioning offers annual inspections, monthly maintenance plans, equipment maintenance, and 24-hour emergency services for residential and commercial heating and cooling systems in the Greater Knoxville and Oak Ridge, TN areas. We’ve proudly served East Tennessee for over 50 years and are standing by to ensure you and your family stay comfortable all year long. To schedule an HVAC technician to visit your home, contact us online, by calling (865) 938-1005, or by text using our new app on our website.