Homeowners and business owners witness a dramatic spike in energy costs year after year during the summer. With record temperatures occurring in many parts of the United States in 2018, many individuals are beginning to consider how to keep their homes cool while maintaining lower AC costs this summer. The positive news is that with some simple steps you can help save money on your energy bill by lowering your AC costs.

Turn On Ceiling Fans

Utilizing your ceiling fans can help lower AC costs by circulating the cold air being blown out of your central heating and air system. During warmer months you want to set your ceiling fans to blow downward, which means setting them to rotate counterclockwise. While turning on your ceiling fan does not actually decrease the temperature, it can have a wind-chilling effect. By making it feel more comfortable in a room, you eliminate the need to turn the thermostat lower which will cause an increase in your air conditioning bill. It’s important to note, that you should turn off ceiling fans when no one is in the room to conserve energy.

Replace Your Air Filter

When heating or cooling your home, dirty or clogged air filters can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning unit by up to 15%, costing you unnecessary money on the extra energy needed to bring your home to temperature. Therefore, change your HVAC air filter at least once a month to keep it running at its optimal level.

Buy Blackout Curtains

Your AC unit uses the most energy cooling rooms with excessive sunlight, which heats up the air in the room. Blackout curtains may be too drastic for some homeowners, but a single panel blocks up to 99% of the light that heats up the room creating a much more energy efficient environment. If blackout curtains neglect to appeal to your personal style, Venetian blinds can also prevent sunlight to protect your cold air from becoming heated up by the sun.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you’re using an old thermostat, you could be losing money on your AC bill through lost efficiency. Modern thermostats offer more programmable features which can allow a homeowner to save energy when residents are asleep or away.

Seal Your Windows

Windows are a major way cold air escapes your home. Consequently, by sealing cracks with caulking and utilizing weather stripping on your windows you’ll keep the cool air in and lower your electricity bill.

Insulate Walls and Attics

Ensuring your walls and attics are properly insulated will ensure that air doesn’t escape in those areas either. While this tactic can cost more up front, having new insulation installed can drastically improve the energy efficiency of your home for years to come.

Get your AC Unit Serviced

Scheduling an air conditioner check-up before the hottest months arrive can save you a tremendous amount of money this Summer. Also, having an HVAC technician check your system will not only ensure your entire heating and cooling system’s longevity, but can also save big time on energy use. Additionally, catching a minor problem before it becomes a larger one, stands to save you bundles in AC repair costs.

Contact City Heating and Air

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