Are you building a new home? Perhaps you’re developing a new, state of the art office complex or retail building. Whatever your new construction needs are, City Heating and Air Conditioning can take care of all your HVAC installation and future service needs.

Take advantage of our new construction services that go beyond your initial installation, including:

Annual inspections

Monthly maintenance contracts

Equipment maintenance

Coil cleaning: Enabling older systems to function more efficiently and reliably, with the possibility of extending the life of the existing unit

Retrofitting: Replacing existing units with more efficient ones

Duct replacement

Evaluation and replacement of heating and cooling systems

Design and installation of heating and cooling systems for new construction

Design and installation of central heating and cooling systems in businesses looking to expand their facilities

Design and installation of geothermal systems

Redesigning inefficient heating and cooling systems to improve efficiency and comfort

Modifying existing heating and cooling systems in order to meet state and local codes