When you buy a new home or move to a different area of town, there is always a long list of professionals to find in your new area. The most common professionals that individuals worry about locating are a doctor or primary care physician, a dentist, a cosmetologist, and a dry cleaner. Finding a reliable, knowledgeable, and honest HVAC technician or HVAC repair company isn’t always at the top of people’s list. Until, that is, their HVAC system goes on the fritz. Even if you have an above-average knowledge of HVAC units, you may not know everything a well-versed HVAC Technician should know before being hired. Not to worry, however—we’ve compiled a list of important questions to ask before you hire an HVAC technician.

HVAC Technician: Search Early

Before we tackle the questions you should ask a potential HVAC technician, a few words of advice are in order. Firstly, begin your HVAC Technician search before there’s a problem. People tend to think of contacting an HVAC repair company only when there is an issue with their heating and air system. On the other hand, finding and hiring an HVAC company ahead of any issues offers you multiple advantages over the reactive response. A few of the advantages of finding an HVAC technician before problems start include:

  • You have extra time to decide the best person for the job, including interviewing previous customers or references.
  • You obtain access to a maintenance plan that will invest in the protection of your central heating and air components.
  • Your HVAC technician will become familiar with your system and have a better understanding of future problems and better troubleshoot your system.

Alternatively, if you wait until there is a problem with your HVAC system, you are more likely to make a hasty decision to just fix the problem, leading to overpaying for your heating and air services or hiring an inexperienced or unbonded repair person.

Shopping for an HVAC Company

One of the best ways to choose a home contractor for any appliance, home, or HVAC repair person is to find three or four companies through personal recommendations or who have great customer feedback online and call them. Depending on the size of the HVAC company, you may speak initially with a receptionist or scheduler, or you might just ring the owner’s cell phone. Make sure you ask whom you are speaking with and explain to them that you are attempting to vet HVAC companies so that you can decide whom to work on your home. At this point, the person answering the phone may put you directly in touch with an HVAC technician or let you know that they can answer questions that you may have.

Questions for an HVAC Technician

Once you have ascertained that you have the correct person on the phone (talking directly to an HVAC technician who will do the work is best), here are the truly important questions to ask before you hire an HVAC technician. A note: you may be able to find the answers to some of these questions by conducting a little research.

Have You Fixed This Same Issue Before? 

In addition to digging into their industry experience, training, and equipment experience, it is helpful to ask the HVAC technician if they have personally solved the issue that you are having. This question will quickly tell you if you are speaking to the right person or company. Because this will set the tone for the call, it is an excellent first question to lead the conversation.

Do You Hold a Tennessee HVAC Technician License? 

HVAC technicians in Tennessee and all other states must hold a license to perform work on your central heating and air unit. Technicians will have their license number available that you can use to look up through the state’s contractor licensing board website. Checking online ensures that the technician’s license is valid and active. This license check will also display what type of licenses they hold.

Are You Insured? 

Asking about insurance is something you want to do before having anyone work on your home. Having proof of insurance assures you that if anything goes wrong during the actual work that you won’t be left paying for the damage or injuries. At a minimum, HVAC technicians should have general liability insurance which pays for bodily injury and property damage. HVAC contractors that work for a company will often hold workers’ compensation insurance as well.

How Much Industry Experience Do You Have?

With the national shortage of HVAC technicians, the majority of the technicians you speak with will likely have ample experience, but do not assume this. You want to find out if they are indeed a seasoned veteran and not someone fresh out of their HVAC schooling.

Have You Worked on My Same HVAC Unit?

While you are on the topic of experience, make sure to ask them about their experience with your specific HVAC unit. Technicians with direct exposure to the technical nuances of your system have a better chance of fixing your unit efficiently and quickly.

Do You Provide References? 

A quick look at the HVAC technician’s website, Yelp page, or Google Business page will often provide references from other customers. If you cannot find them anywhere online, ask for a few references that have previously engaged their services.

Do You Subcontract Any of Your Work?

This question is an important one as some contractors or companies will subcontract the work to other individuals who may or may not be licensed, bonded, and insured.

Do You Offer Free Estimates? 

Especially where replacement equipment is concerned, you’ll be shopping around for the best deal. By obtaining a free estimate from your HVAC technicians, you can evaluate your options effectively.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Asking about refund policies will help you understand the HVAC technician’s policy should the repair work not last. It’s unlikely you’ll receive a refund if your unit breaks down again; however, asking about the refund policy will uncover how willing an HVAC technician will be to work with you to find a solution.

Will I Receive a Warranty or Guarantee? 

Your current heating and air system may be under warranty, and a competent HVAC technician will understand and follow the terms of the warranty. Asking about warranties and guarantees tells you what you will receive if your unit is not covered under a warranty. Furthermore, HVAC technicians will often offer a guarantee for their work should the repaired work break again within a certain time frame after completion.

Do You Offer a Maintenance Program? 

As aforementioned, HVAC maintenance programs will likely extend the overall lifespan of your system, improve efficiency, and reduce breakdowns. Ask the HVAC technician if they offer a maintenance plan and what it includes.

Do You Offer 24/7 Emergency HVAC Services?

HVAC units tend to break down at the most inconvenient times, and you’ll want to know that an HVAC technician will be on call if your heat stops working the night before Thanksgiving. Not only are emergency HVAC services convenient by solving your heating or air conditioning issues quickly, but you also decrease the chances of the problem deteriorating over time.

Best HVAC Services in Knoxville, TN

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