With fall making a subtle appearance and summer temperatures attempting to stick around in East Tennessee, you may be thinking about your HVAC system and if it’s ready for the winter months ahead. When your HVAC unit is struggling to regulate the temperature of your home, it could be that it is time for an upgrade. But before you make that big decision check out this list we have compiled for some signs to look for that could indicate an upgrade to your system is needed.


When your unit is installed and maintained properly, it should last over 10 years. Some manufacturers suggest approximately 12-15 years in lifespan. As the system ages, keep attuned to the following items to ensure you are not left without a functioning HVAC.

If your electric bill rises each month, it may mean that your HVAC system is not working to its fullest capacity. Continually providing repairs to your system signal a possible upgrade is in order. Purchasing a new heating unit now could stop expensive repairs in the future. A technician can repair and continue maintenance on your existing unitor assist you with selecting an upgraded unit.

An unusual sound coming from your HVAC unit could be a signal for trouble. Over the years, you have most likely grown accustomed to sounds emitting from your system. Typical sounds coming from units as they start and stop have been described by customers as: rattling, popping, banging, and squealing. If a new noise arises, call a technician.

Noticing a smell from your heating unit could simply mean that your system is starting for the season. A mild burning or dust-like scent at the start of a heating unit kicking-on is common, however, if this continues, a technician needs to be called to check on your system. Rotten egg smell? Yes. Natural gas emits a rotten egg smell to alert customers there is a gas leak. An HVAC technician needs to be called immediately if you smell this, as the leak could cause a fire or explosion if left unattended.

A final sign that your unit needs an upgrade is that it runs longer than it used to and/or sounds like it is working harder. If you are constantly struggling to maintain room temperature, it could mean something is blocking air flow, such as a dirty filter or ductwork blockage; but it could also mean your unit needs upgrading.


If you are ready to upgrade your heating and air conditioning unit or simply have questions, we can assist you with breakdown of HVAC upgrade cost and process. At City Heating and Air Conditioning, our experienced HVAC technician are available by calling at 865-938-1005 or visiting us via our website .