Living in East Tennessee, allergies are very common as the area is abloom frequently due to rich vegetation. This comes with a price for many people in the area. The abundant vegetation creates allergens and pollen in the Knoxville area, and leaves create mold after they fall. We have some tips for how your home HVAC can be utilized to alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms throughout the year.

Feeling better starts with keeping your home environment healthy. Indoor air can be highly allergy-inducing if you have a pet, mold, or dust mites. In spring, summer and even into fall when it is warm, it is recommended to run your air conditioning, as this filters out almost 99% of all pollen and allergen-producing materials. When temperatures start to drop in autumn, it is recommended to keep windows closed, as this continues to keep fall pollen and mold that begins to grow in autumn due to fallen leaves and humidity out of your home. HVAC systems catch most of these allergens if they are in the air, but this may not be enough. To offer additional relief, it is recommended that you change air filters at least once a month. When you change filters, ensure that you purchase a high-quality filter. Filters are classified using a MERV (minimum efficiency recording value) rating. Ratings range from one to twenty with higher ratings offer the highest level of filtration. Start with a filter rating of 14-16 and this will remove small particles in the air. However, this may not be enough. The next stage in filtration is a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which offer ratings from 17 – 20. Note that it is only ideal to use HEPA filters if your HVAC system is designed for a HEPA filter, as the higher the air filter’s efficiency, the more stress it can put on your unit. An HVAC technician can assist with the filter selection process which can maximize filtration in your home without burning out your system. We also recommended cleaning air ducts at least once a year and get HVAC check-ups to guarantee your unit is running efficiently so that indoor pollutants are being effectively trapped.

Air Purifiers
After ensuring your HVAC is clean and properly installed with the best filter, another option is to purchase an air purifier. Here is where a HEPA filter can be utilized to provide maximum filtration. Filters can be purchased for the entire home or specific rooms. If the allergy sufferer is having excessive trouble, it is best to purchase a filter that can help purify the air in the entire home.

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