A lot of little things can add up and make a big and positive difference for you and your family.

We know how much pressure summer weather can put on your air conditioner. As anyone from our area can tell you, the climate puts serious stress on your air system. Not only that, but these days we’re experiencing even hotter and more humid summers. Let’s look at a few easy ways to cut down on your costs and how to keep your system working strong for you.


A well-insulated house keeps in cool air longer and keeps out the warm air. This means your home will stay cooler, causing your AC to run less. Be sure your home is staying well-insulated with no cracks for air to escape out of.

Insulating, caulking, and weatherstripping will help keep your home cool in hot weather. The attics of most homes take the heat through the roof – and insulating the attic floor will keep this heat from radiating down into the house. It might seem like a hard job to do, but it is easy to install. The cost of these materials is very low, and application is simple, and the biggest bonus is that you will be recouped quickly in lower energy bills throughout the year.


An important consideration in docile cooling is house color. Dark-colored home exteriors absorb 70% to 90% of the radiant energy from the sun that strikes the home’s surfaces. Some of this absorbed energy is transferred into your home by way of conduction which results in heat gain. In contrast, light-colored surfaces effectively reflect most of the heat away from your home.


Shading is the simplest, most effective way to cool your home and reduce energy consumption. A lot of cooling costs can be saved by shading techniques such as landscaping and working the drapes and blinds.


This is a big one – ceiling fans that can be used with the air conditioner are efficient and use little electricity. For a cooling effect during the summer, your fan should run in the forward directions (counterclockwise). This will force the room air down and will give you the wind chill effect that makes you feel cooler.

And during the winter have your fan run in reverse (clockwise). This will gently draw the room air up to the ceiling and force the warm air down to warm the room.


One of the biggest contributors to wear and tear on your HVAC unit is not changing your air filters often enough, but it’s an easy fix – however, it’s also one of the most forgotten or overlooked.

There are some factors which contribute to worse clogging and dirtying issues, such as smoking, pets, and climate. The summer climate in East Tennessee means a lot of pollen and sometimes dust. These are big contributing factors to clogged and dirty filters, and filters that are clogged don’t produce enough airflow. Reduced airflow means the unit is working harder and can even cause your AC to shut down altogether.

Air filters that aren’t correctly working will not only break or ruin your AC. They could also mean a compromised AC and less cold air to chill the house, it also means higher electric bills as your AC unit struggles to keep up. Check and replace your filters on a regular basis to save yourself money and your AC wear and tear.


Consider your household’s potential summer schedule changes and be sure to program your thermostat around them. Later wake-up times in the morning can make a difference, since there’s no bus to catch for kids and everyone has a longer time to get ready for the day. And with family members home all day, adjust setbacks for more occupancy hours rather than a vacant home.

A programmable thermostat lets you adjust the times you turn on heating and air-conditioning. As a result, you don’t operate the equipment as much when you are sleeping or out of the house. Prices are low and installation is easy, especially if you’re replacing an existing thermostat.


It doesn’t take long before dirt, leaves, grass, and other debris gets into or on top of the outside condenser unit. This will reduce air flow and will force your system to work harder – and costing you more money. Remove whatever debris you can by hand, then switch off the unit and wash it out with a garden hose.


Completing regular maintenance and getting tune-ups on your HVAC system can make it run more efficiently and provide more comfort to your home. With a home warranty from City Heating & Air Conditioning, you can get a tune-up for the mere cost of a service call fee. Preventative and regular maintenance can make the difference between needing a new system later rather than sooner. Calling in the experts can be a time and money saver.    

For more information on our home warranty and what’s included, take a look at our warranty plans here. 


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