As you start thinking about a Spring to-do list, it is a great time to consider maintenance for your HVAC system to prepare for the warmer months ahead.


One of the recommended items to prepare your HVAC for warmer weather is to clean around the HVAC system itself. Ensure that there is at least 2 feet of space around the unit to create for maximum air flow by removing debris, leaves, dirt or overgrown bushes.

Additionally, remove accumulated leaves, dirt and debris by rinsing the unit’s condenser coils with water from an outside garden hose. The condenser coils can be found on the exterior part of the HVAC system. Another step to prepare for warmer months is to change your home’s air filters. The filters help keep pesky dust and dust mites at bay, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests replacing the filters in your home approximately every three months.

Also, if you have not already, install or set up a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperatures in your home, and prepare for the summery months ahead. This is a tool that can be used to save energy and can even be controlled throughout the day from your smartphone.

Lastly, we recommend testing your A/C prior to the start of needing to use your cooling system. Performing a test run on your A/C unit will ensure that there is not a larger problem with your unit that a professional technician needs to address prior to it becoming hot and humid outside.


If while inspecting your HVAC system and your thermostat you realize some of the things you need are out of your hands, such as a noisy or smelly HVAC unit, then reaching out to a professional technician may be in your best interest. If your home feels uncomfortable with excessive humidity, is having trouble regulating temperatures, or has more dust production than usual, there could be a leak that is causing these problems. A professional technician can ensure your HVAC does not have a leak and in addition check that your ductwork is sealed properly with an inspection, and recommend services, if necessary. HVAC technicians are able to check refrigerant levels, test electrical components, clean evaporator coils and inspect and clean the delicate fins of the system.


By ensuring your HVAC unit is maintained throughout the year, you will save money in the long run by safeguarding one of your home’s more expensive and highly tuned fixtures. For over 50 years, certified HVAC technicians from City Heat and Air have been conducting seasonal maintenance checks that not only help with standard maintenance but also ensure the longevity of your system. For details, pricing and specifications, reach out to City Heat and Air online or by calling 865-938-1005 today to set up your maintenance contract suited to your HVAC needs.