The Spring months are once again upon us, and with the warmer weather beginning to blossom, it’s now only a matter of weeks before you kick the thermostat onto AC mode for the first time in nearly six months. But what’s this? The air coming out of your air conditioning isn’t cooling the house? Is the air from the blower, room temperature or slightly hotter? Let’s look at answering a question that many Knoxville home owners will be asking in the coming months: Why is my AC Blowing Hot Air.

Reasons for AC Blowing Hot Air

An AC blowing hot air is a common HVAC service call and can be attributed to a number of different sources. By checking a few key components of your air conditioning system, you’ll be better equipped to provide useful information to your HVAC professional when fixing your AC. Here’s a short list of all the most likely culprits of your AC blowing hot air.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes hot air coming from your home air conditioner can be caused by something as simple an incorrectly set thermostat. By checking and ensuring that your thermostat is set to the correct temperature and that the setting is on “COOL” and the fan is set to “AUTO”, you might be able to save yourself a repair visit for your local heating and air specialist.

Restrictive Airflow

Changing your air filter once every three months isn’t simply a suggestion, it’s a vital activity for keeping your home air conditioning unit running at an optimal level. Your AC works by pulling in hot air through your air filters, however, if dust and debris are blocking/restricting air flow, your system will simply blow out more hot air. You should check your air filters at least once a month and replace in accordance with the manufacturer’s suggestions.

The aforementioned issues are simple, everyday fixes we hear about quite commonly, and are typically related to regular, preventative maintenance that you can fix without the help of a professional. However, if none of these checks have revealed any obvious issues, you may have a more serious or complex technical problem with your air conditioning unit that requires the assistance of a professional HVAC repairman.

The Unit isn’t Getting Power

Modern HVAC Systems have two units that require power, an indoor air handler, and an outdoor compressor. If your indoor unit has power but the compressor doesn’t, your fan will still push out hot air. Loss of power to the outdoor compressor can be caused by a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.  After you have checked your thermostat and air filter, these should be the next items to observe. If your AC unit is causing circuit or fuse issues, you should contact a certified HVAC specialist to find and fix the cause.

Damaged or Leaking Air Ducts

Return ductwork that has been disconnected or broken will pull in unconditioned air from outside. Additionally, tears or holes in your ductwork can cause air to leak out and rob your home of cold air. Physically getting to ductwork that is in attics, crawl spaces, or inside wall can be difficult to do, and may require the assistance of a professional.

Compressor Problems

Your compressor that sits outside your home is crucial to your AC unit blowing cold air, and if any of the numerous switches, motors, fans, capacitors, or other components are not functioning or damaged, it can cause your AC to blow hot air.

Need HVAC Refrigerant

Needing HVAC Refrigerant is an extremely common issue. Having a pinhole leak in your refrigerant lines will cause the gradual leak in refrigerant over time. Larger leaks can require immediate fixing before the refrigerant is added. When your system doesn’t have the right amount of refrigerant, your AC will simply blow hot air. A certified HVAC service technology can measure your refrigerant, as well as, recharge your system ‘s refrigerating levels to ensure your AC blows cold air once more. Additionally, your service specialist will be able to advise you on upgrading your system if you are still running an air conditioning unit still running off Freon which the EPA has begun to phase out.

Getting Help with AC Blowing Hot Air

Call City Heat and air if you are experiencing an AC blowing hot air. We can diagnose and fix your HVAC system with professional speed and courtesy and leave your house cool and comfortable once again. Call us today at 865-938-1005 or click HERE to contact us online.