Of all the things that you may take for granted in this life, your HVAC system is probably pretty high up on the list. The heating and cooling system in your home or place of business likely goes unnoticed most days—that is, until it stops working. Of all the elements that make your home or business a great place to live or work, your HVAC plays a vital role in ensuring your comfort around the clock. Because of this, it makes sense why most people only associate your heating and air conditioning systems with, well, heating and air conditioning. However, your HVAC system does more than just heating and cooling your home to keep you comfortable. It actually works around the clock to keep everyone in a space safe from poor air quality.

What Does Your HVAC System Really Do?

Your HVAC system, or your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, is an essential element of your home or business that has two main purposes: keeping you comfortable and maintaining good indoor air quality. Your HVAC system does this by utilizing its different components for different purposes, such as filtration or heating and cooling air to your personal preferences. Although most people often associate HVAC with the temperature of the air in their home or business, their HVAC system is also working to improve indoor air quality along with maintaining one’s thermal preferences.

How Does Your HVAC System Improve Air Quality?

The HVAC system within your home or business is hard at work most days keeping harmful pollutants, allergens, and more from circulating. In addition to blocking harmful particles from circulation, your heating and cooling system also monitors the level of humidity within your home or business, allowing you to add and remove moisture as the seasons and humidity levels fluctuate. Your HVAC system utilizes its different parts to achieve these goals, improving your indoor air quality.

Air Filters Screen Harmful Particles

When you think of air pollution, you probably think of giant smokestacks pumping out thick, black smoke into a gray sky. What you probably aren’t thinking of is your bedroom with your plush blankets and dreamy pillows, right? Many people generally think about outdoor air pollution having little to no effect on their indoor air pollution, but if your HVAC system doesn’t adequately screen pollutants and other harmful particles from your air circulation, your indoor air quality won’t be much better. This can have a number of immediate harmful effects, including irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, shortness of breath, aggravation of pre-existing lung conditions, and more. If exposed for longer periods of time, this list of symptoms can become even more serious, cementing the fact that good indoor air quality is a non-negotiable for homeowners and business owners.

The HVAC system within your home or business has measures in place, such as air filters, that counteract any poor outdoor air pollution by screening out harmful pollutants and particles. Air is introduced to the filters early in the process of heating or cooling because they must first screen the air before it can go on into the main system. There are several reasons why this is important to the system, such as filtering out particles that could cause damage to the system if they were to continue into the main elements and holding back harmful pollutants from entering air circulation in your home or business. Making sure that you have the correct size air filter in your system can make a big difference in the air quality inside your home or business.

In addition to fitting your filters correctly, they should also be changed regularly. The amount of time that each air filter is good for varies by the material that it is made from; some air filters can last about 30 days, while others can stretch to 90. A good rule of thumb is to do a visual inspection of your air filter every month to evaluate when it needs changing.

Air Filters Reduce Allergens in Circulation

Another benefit of keeping your air filters looking good is their ability to screen allergens. When allergy season rolls around, it can feel like no place is safe. However, your home or business can become an allergy sufferer’s paradise if your air filters are functioning at peak performance. By screening out allergens such as pollen, pet hair, ragweed, and more, you can make sure that allergies never touch you in your home or your business.

Humidity Regulation Boosts Immunity

Newer HVAC units are also able to control the level of humidity within your home or business, allowing you to improve your indoor air quality with the added benefit of comfort. Newer HVAC units utilize an evaporator coil to de-humidify when the humidity level becomes high enough. When hot, moist air comes in contact with the cool evaporator coil, the effect is similar to a glass of ice water on a hot day. The condensation on the coil is a result of moisture being pulled from the air, and it is then sent down a drain, away from your home or business. This process lowers the humidity level in your home, which increases your level of comfort as well as reduces the ability for mold to grow, as it thrives in dark, moist environments. Mold in your home can ultimately be costly for both your health and your bank account, so it’s best not to mess around when it comes to the warmer, humid months.

In the winter, regulating humidity is just as important. Because viruses thrive in dry environments, it’s important that your home retains moisture, even when there is little to pull from outside. Most HVAC systems are equipped with a furnace humidifier that introduces moisture into the air of your home when it is lacking, and there are even options to add on whole house humidifiers. On the heels of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become apparent that we must do what we can to keep our family and our employees safe; make sure that you aren’t unknowingly aiding the spread of any viruses by humidifying your home.

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